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Hogan companies are well established and held in high regard, with extensive knowledge, industry connections, bilingual capacity, and half a century in the construction industry.

Sustainable, Reliable and Affordable

Best value

Our aim is to provide best value that satisfies the needs of the client within a safe and sustainable environment. Our brand echoes this aim: Quality, Sustainable, Service. The quality of our work is built on the solid foundations of our company values – teamwork, openness, fairness, honesty, trust, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Together, Hogan Aggregates, Hogan Asphalt, Hogan Concrete and Hogan Construction provide an unrivalled range of conveniently based, in-house support services. By offering a wide range of products and services from one source, we simplify purchasing, invoicing and payment processes.


The group continually invests in its Anglesey and Bangor-based infrastructure and resources. Such regular re-investment enables us to provide best value, both commercially and sustainably, with lower carbon-emission fleet and plant.

Outstanding, reliable service

Thanks to our comprehensive range of resources, including transport fleet, our clients benefit from rapid, reliable service so that costly delays are avoided. Whichever service or material you require, rest assured that Hogan supplies premium quality, sustainable products, and outstanding value-for-money service.

A Note from our Chairman- Peter Hogan

“We deliver a comprehensive, quality service to our clients through expertise and experience, innovation, and our strategy to continually reinvest in the business. In so doing we make a significant contribution to the local economy and the communities in which we live.”“

Peter Hogan, Chairman, Hogan Group of Companies.


“I’ve been a customer for a very long time and am very happy with the service. Good loading facilities, excellent drivers, everything’s great!”

Roger Groves

“No qualms at all, everything went brilliantly, will definitely be using Hogan again when we have more work in the area. Can’t fault Hogan, everything went really smoothly.”

John Ward

“Quality products, great working relationship”

Gwyn Jones & Huws Gray

“Very satisfied with our service & recommends us.”

Mr Huws, HR Huws & Sons, Stonemasons

“Very satisfied with products and service he receives”

Darren Vaughan

“Been a customer for over 30 years, very satisfied with the service I receive “

W Edwards