We at Hogan aim to provide a best value service that satisfies the needs of our clients within a safe and sustainable environment. We engage with the communities our work both affects and benefits through ongoing, bilingual communication, and by providing community support via The Hogan Foundation.

The Hogan Foundation

We have taken our public engagement a step further by establishing The Hogan Foundation, which provides Hogan with a means of giving something back to the communities where we live and work. This commitment to community involvement, in line with our values, is a very positive and proactive means in which to engage with the public.

A Sustainable Environment

Hogan is committed to ongoing improvements in environmental sustainability, ensuring we meet the development needs of the present without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With our environmental management systems accredited to BS EN ISO 14001, we are committed to lower carbon emissions, conserving natural resources and reducing waste.

This commitment is reflected in our continual investment in comprehensive in-house resources for improved sustainable working, the creation of our own recycling centre, accreditation to industry standards, and adherence to industry best practice.

Good Reputation

Through these methods and good governance, Hogan Aggregates, Hogan Asphalt, Hogan Concrete and Hogan Construction have together built an enviable reputation as trustworthy organisations that take great pride in acting responsibly and ethically at all times.

We believe it is incumbent on us, as your construction or supply partner, to create and maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of the public. This is particularly so with regards to construction contracts. Our bilingual communications programme includes notifications and signage, customer complaints processes and feedback, branding and online communication.